Smart home products and consulting

Rising energy prices have transformed smart home solutions from luxury items into solid investments.

At Biggerthings we’ve worked with smart home products since 2016. We started out helping retailers choose the best products on the market for their stores, so they weren’t just selling the most well-known brands. 

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The story

Before he decided to deal with smart home and smart building solutions, our founder Peter Kiil worked in computer sales and services for decades. This is how he got an expert feel for quality products and brands that can be trusted to deliver them.

Our customers liked our consulting, but increasingly asked us to help as a wholesaler too. This is how we became Biggerthings – a consulting company and wholesaler focused on smart solutions with big impacts.

Consumers have enjoyed the added convenience of smart home solutions for years. We’ve helped them design “welcome home” scenarios with freshly brewed coffee, the favorite playlist, and timed charging of electric cars.

We still help businesses and consumers make life more convenient. But the biggest focus these days is on subjects like …

  • Sustaining a healthy indoor climate

  • Surveilance and saving of water use

  • Surveilance and control of homes and buildings

  • Connecting existing installations – smart or otherwise

  • Saving power and using most of it when it’s cheapest

Today, consulting on smart building solutions for general contractors, building owners, and other businesses in the construction industry takes up a lot of our time. They want to plan their buildings to be smart and energy saving, and we know how to make it happen.

Our overall approach is always the same; buildings – new as well as old – should be operated as professionally and energy efficiently as possible.

Reach out to us when you want to make your buildings smart and energy saving.