Qubino Z-Wave smart devices

Qubino is an innovative manufacturer of Z-Wave smart home devices. Their products are the smallest Z-Wave devices in the world making them easy and fast to install. But don’t let their size fool you! Qubino devices are incredibly powerful.

One example of the power of Qubino is how their devices not only made it possible to repair a 24-year old skylight with a broken opening mechanism but also made the window smart at the same time. Replacing a broken skylight is a complex and expensive procedure, but adding a Qubino device isn’t.

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Qubino smart home devices are used in many resource and energy saving scenarios like:

  • Smart lights

Remotely dim your lights and adjust the ambience with devices that save up to 80% of your lighting energy 

  • Maintaining swimming pools

Automate pool lights, pumps, heating, and control it with your voice

  • Smart garden and lawn care

Save water and time by watering at the best times and making your robot lawn mower smart

  • Making your HVAC installations smart

Add customizable sensors, thermostats, and smart meters to make sure your heating, ventilation and climate installations do their best work

  • Smart shading and window control

Set scenarios that fit your shading needs and control shades and windows remotely with the Qubino remote or app

Smart energy savings with Qubino devices

Smart homes and smart buildings need much more than nice light strips and pretty designs when you want to save energy and cut costs. This is why Qubino is a smart home device manufacturer to consider in many use cases. 

You can use a Z-Wave hub from brands like Fibaro, Homey, or Aeotec to bring the power and insights of your Qubino devices together.

These are some of the many Qubino smart devices we like to consider when making buildings smarter:

Qubino Smart meters are small devices that keep you informed about your energy consumption, so you can time your energy use differently or find the most standby power hungry devices and shut them off when they’re not in use.

Qubino Smart relay inserts let you switch off any device right from your smartphone.

Qubino temperature sensors can be installed to inform your heating and ventilation system about the indoor climate as well as your floor heating system about shifting needs for heat

Qubino Smart thermostats can be programmed to save heat when you’re away and maintain your desired temperatures in every room

Are you ready to make your home or building truly smart and energy saving with Qubino devices? Let’s talk about your use case today.